Our Vision | Community Support Inc

Our Vision

Providing you with personalised and professional disability services to help you live Your Life, Your Way.

Our Values

Our Values demonstrate our commitment to each other and to our clients:

  • Collaboration – We work together on our shared goals
  • Strive –   We reach above and beyond for success
  • Innovation – We bring new ideas and welcome new things
  • Recognition – We acknowledge and appreciate the value of each individual​​
  • Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions​
  • Respect – We value people for their unique perspective and contribution

Strategic Plan

Community support is focused on delivering its strategic plan over the next 3 years. Our key focus areas are:

  1. Client centred service delivery focus
  2. Grow our services and brand awareness
  3. Develop our staff and become an employer of choice
  4. Focus on governance, clinical practices and continuous improvement
  5. Ensure a sound financial position for the organisation.

Annual Reports

Community Support 2017 – 18 Annual Report

Community Support 2018 – 19 Annual Report

Community Support 2019-20 Annual Report