Compliments & Complaints


Community Support is often complimented on the services we provide. These occasions highlight where we have met or exceeded your expectations.

Compliments provide a very clear indication of what you value about Community Support and the work we do. Information about the compliments that we receive often goes unrecognised because, unlike complaints, compliments require little action on our part. Recording information about the compliments that we receive serves four purposes.


  • Indicates which aspects of our service you value;
  • Helps us to build a balanced picture of how our service impacts on our you;
  • Gives us the chance to share and reinforce among managers and staff, examples of good practice in Customer Service; and
  • Helps to build morale and provide due recognition for a job well done.

Our complaints and compliments database, records details about compliments. Comments from you are acknowledged and information about compliments and notable examples of good Customer Service are included in reports to staff and the Board of Directors.


People complain because they are dissatisfied with some aspect of the service they receive. This dissatisfaction may relate to a number of things like:

  • a decision that has been made with which they disagree;
  • the quality of service they have received;
  • Support Worker or staff conduct;
  • delays in service; or
  • lack of understanding of our role and function.

Community Support recognises the value of complaints. We respect and uphold the right for a person to raise a complaint and have it resolved quickly and fairly.

In the event that service expectations are not met, we will conduct a prompt investigation to resolve the issues and we will maintain communication with you throughout the process.

As a customer of Community Support or a family member, a carer or an advocate of someone receiving our services, you have the right to tell us if you are unhappy about any aspect of your service and you also have the right to make a complaint.

We want to hear from you. We view feedback as our best opportunity to improve. We are always striving to do a better job for you and fully committed to resolving all complaints to your complete satisfaction.

Please provide us with your feedback at the bottom of the page.