Our Commitment

Community Support Inc provides highly personalised and highly professional services

A focus of our service delivery is to ensure that we adopt a person-centred approach in the design and delivery of supports. Self-advocacy and self-determination is the principle that drives our organisation to ensure that we deliver quality services and outcomes.


Community Support Inc is striving to do more for the community

We want to grow, expand and develop our services in order to build community capacity in valuing and honouring the participation and valued status of those living with a disability. We are actively seeking new opportunities for providing more services to the South Australian community.


Community Support Inc works with partners to ensure successful outcomes

Community Support works in partnership with you, oue staff and our stakeholders to develop a range of networks that support you as you pursue the lifestyle of your choice. Organisations and individuals cannot operate in isolation – a collaborative approach expands opportunities and improves outcomes.


Community Support Inc is a vibrant, progressive and responsible organisation

Community Support Inc is a dynamic organisation that seeks to continually improve. We are always listening ot you and seeking improvements to ensure that we continually develop as a great organisation, with great staff, delivering great services.