Our pricing - National Disability Insurance Scheme

As a Registered Charity, Community Support is committed to providing high quality, affordable support to improve the lives of our customers.

We align our pricing with the National Disability Insurance Scheme's benchmark price for support as it is the best indicator available to us of the reasonable cost of providing good quality support in South Australia. 

We reset our prices each year with effect from the 1st of July.

We charge an establishment fee of $ 250 or $ 500 which we will discuss with you before you start your supports. 


If you have any questions regarding our pricing or if you would like to request a quote, please don't hesitate to contact us on 8429 1200 or csi@csisa.org.au


Support Services - including personal care, social support, domestic assistance, community access, and respite.

Fee per hour (plus GST if applicable)

Support Times

Standard Support

High Intensity Support

Weekdays until 8pm

$ 49.02
$ 50.52

Weekdays until 8pm - Domestic Assistance

$ 47.88
$ 47.88 

Weekdays from 8pm to Midnight

$ 53.64
$ 55.27

Weekdays Active Overnight Support

$ 54.54
$ 56.63

Saturdays – Daytime, Evenings and Overnight

$ 67.43
$ 69.38

Sundays – Daytime, Evenings and Overnight

$ 85.80
$ 88.09

Public Holidays – Daytime, Evenings and Overnight

$ 104.20

$ 107.33

Overnight Passive Support Block 8 hours

$ 204.81

Support Coordination Services

Your NDIS plan may provide you with Capacity Building Supports in your funding, and this may include Coordination of Supports. There are two levels of support coordination which Community Support can provide for you. These are: 


Support Connection

If your plan lists "Support Connection", this means we can assist you to understand your NDIS plan, connect you with support providers and other systems of supports in the community, establish your supports, and help assist you through any challenges or concerns that may come up throughout your support. We will help prepare you for your next NDIS plan review. 


Support Coordination

If your plan lists "Support Coordination", we can help you through the more complex aspects of your support. Support Coordination covers many of the same supports as Support Connection, but with a greater level of direction and assistance from us. Our ultimate goal is for you to design and choose your own supports, and know exactly how to get the most out of your plan. 


Fee per Hour (plus GST if applicable)

Support Connection

$ 58.92

Coordination of Supports

$ 96.04


Short Term Accommodation and Assistance - Outside of Home 

Fee per 24 Hour Period (plus GST if applicable)


$ 1,479.80


$ 1,855.80


$ 2,317.80

Public Holidays

$ 2,779.80


Transport provided @ $ 1.00 per Kilometre (plus GST if applicable)