Rights & Responsibilities

Community Support Inc is committed to delivering great service to you and your family or carers. Our Charter of Rights and Responsibilities is designed to ensure that you know what you can expect from us and also what you need to do to receive a great service. 


Your Rights


In order to ensure that you receive the standard of service that we expect, we ask that you are aware of your rights as follows:


  • The right to be treated with respect and courtesy;
  • The right to be treated fairly;
  • The right to use a service that is managed well;
  • The right to effective information and communication;
  • The right to privacy;
  • The right to participate in decisions;
  • The right to be free from abuse and neglect;
  • The right to withdraw from service;
  • The right to provide feedback;
  • The right to appeal in relation to any decisions made by Community Support.

If at any stage, you feel that your supports are not meeting these standards, please contact us so that we can resolve any issues without delay. 


Your Responsibilities


In order to achieve the best possible support service, we ask that you are aware of your responsibilities as follows:


  • To allow a health and safety check of your home to ensure there are no hazards or risks that may accidentally harm you or your Support Worker, to ensure a safe working environment.
  • To provide accurate and complete information so that we can ensure that you receive a great service that is designed to meet your needs.
  • To maintain the security of your personal information by not sharing bank account details, account PINs, etc. with your Support Workers to ensure both your and their protection.
  • To contact us if you would like to change when you wish the support worker to provide support to you. This helps us to know where our workers are and when the support arrangements have changed.
  • To treat your Support Workers with respect and courtesy.
  • To inform us if you have any concerns regarding the support being provided to you at any stage.
  • To provide us with feedback on the services you receive so that we can continually improve and deliver a better service to you.
  • To not perform any immoral or illegal activity whilst Community Support staff are providing services.
  • To develop and maintain a positive and professional working relationship with your Support Worker.
  • To only request services of your Support Workers that are part of the funding arrangement.
  • To keep appointments with your Support Worker and inform us in advance if you are unable to do so.

Our Responsibilities

We  acknowledge and commit to the responsibilities we have to you as your service provider, as follows:


  • To provide you with trained and qualified Support Workers who have passed our recruitment and screening process
  • To treat you fairly and respect your rights
  • To give you as much choice as possible about your service and support
  • To support you to work towards your goals (e.g. taking part in the community)
  • To provide you with a quality service
  • To inform you of the process for providing feedback or complaints about your service
  • To respond promptly and effectively to your complaints
  • To make sure you receive the support that you need
  • To manage your services well
  • To ensure that your service is delivered safely and fulfils our duty of care to you
  • To keep your information confidential
  • To adhere to industry standards when providing services (e.g. National Standards for Disability Services)


Community Support Incorporated values and strives for mutually respectful relationships between you and our employees.


We are committed to providing a respectful service to you as well as a respectful workplace where our employees feel they are safe, treated fairly and equitably.


We are committed to ensuring that both you and our employees are treated with courtesy, mutual respect, and the promotion of diversity, human rights and collaborative working relationships.


We are grateful every day for your faith and trust in us to provide a high quality service and we work hard to deserve your trust. We understand that this is your life and that your supports are an important element in ensuring that you can live it your way.