Message from Community Support about COVID-19 | Community Support Inc

Message from Community Support about COVID-19

COVID-19 Client Update from Community Support Inc

What is Community Support doing about the Coronavirus?

Community Support has reviewed its existing business continuity plans and Covid-19 plan so that it is well-placed to respond if needed.  These plans include identification and protection of key infrastructure and services. 

We sent every Support Worker a 30 minute training video on the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is mandatory.  We have emphasized in our communication to Support Workers the importance of hand hygiene cough etiquette and social distancing.  We have been providing Support Workers with regular updates and information via the Staff Newsletter and CEO Messages.  We have distributed hand sanitiser; soap and gloves.  When indicated masks have also been provided.

If we believe a client is displaying flu symptoms Support Workers must contact their co-ordinator immediately.  If you have flu symptoms please call the office immediately on 8429 1200 and we will assist you to access medical assessment as soon as possible.  Flu symptoms include:

  • rapid onset of fever.
  • headache.
  • muscle aches.
  • fatigue.
  • sneezing.
  • runny nose.
  • sore throat.
  • cough.

If you become unwell we have plans in place to continue to support you that comply with the SA Health Public Health Unit guidelines.  We will support you wherever possible until the pathology results are known and your care will be supervised directly by our Client Services Manager.

We are providing some supports via other means including tele-support and tele-therapy.

It is vital that you keep up to date with all the information we send you and that if you have any questions or concerns you contact your supervisor immediately.

What will happen if a client has symptoms or tests positive?

Community Support has a COVID-19 Plan in place.  If a client has symptoms, Support Workers must contact their Coordinator immediately and follow the instructions given by their Coordinator.  All Coordinators are supported by their Client Services Manager who is a Registered Nurse – we follow protocols as directed by the Public Health Unit at SAHealth

If a client tests positive for COVID-19 their individual situation will be case managed by our Client Services Manager in conjunction with our Clinical Governance Manager.  Support Workers will be individually contacted and clear directions provided. 

Community Support has a Business Continuity Plan and COVID-19 Plan in place.

What will happen if a client suspends or cancels services?

We anticipate that some clients will cancel services in the coming weeks due to the

potential spread of the virus.  We are working through our client list to determine the most at-risk clients to the least risk so we can put in place appropriate support plans in the interim.  We are mobilising our tele-support and tele-therapy services.

Will Community Support continue to provide shifts to our clients?

If our clients are well and are not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID19 or the flu, then we will continue to provide services. 

If a client has symptoms of flu or COVID19 then our staff will notify their relevant Coordinator asap and we will begin to determine the best course of action in consultation with SA Health.

The Public Health Unit through SA Health will advise our course of action in the scenario of a client testing positive for COVID19 which will most likely include self-isolation for 14 days to begin with.

Alternative service delivery

We have a range of telephone and zoom conferencing options for clients who are self-isolating.  Whilst a client may wish to cancel their in-home supports, our Support Workers will be able to determine if you may be interested in telephone or zoom supports. If you have access to a computer and internet, you can ask your carer or family member to help set you up for teletherapy service.

We encourage all clients to have an influenza vaccination as soon as possible.