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Continuity of Support Program

The Commonwealth Continuity of Support (CoS) Programme has been set up to ensure that older people over the age of 65 with disability who are not eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will still be able to access support services.

Eligibility for the CoS Programme is based on an individual’s circumstances and criteria and will be available for pre-identified clients and service providers.

The CoS Programme will ensure that:

  • older Australians who are receiving state and territory-managed specialist disability services are supported to receive similar services to those they received before the change.
  • services for clients will not need to change and people will not need to move.
  • continuity of support arrangements will allow clients to continue to receive services.

Community Support has an expert team of Support Services and Case Managers to assist you with your Support Needs. These services include;

  • Community Support : Supports to improve functional abilities, education in behaviour support and team-based resources that help you to maximise your independence.
  • Community Access: Supports to provide you with opportunities to participate in your community and maintain independence within the community.
  • Respite: Supports that provide a positive experience for you and a short-term and time limited break for your family or carers in a supportive environment.
  • Case Management: Support to navigate service providers, maintream and informal support services and funding requirements.

Community Support is a CoS provider and can assist you with the services and supports you require.

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