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What Our Clients Say

Hear from some of our happy clients and find out more about their experiences with Community Support Inc.

Rosalind does whatever I ask. We have become firm friends. She never complains, just gets in and does what I can’t. She knows her job and is excellent at it. Rosalind is always helpful if I fall down. I am very happy with her.

- Suzanne

Clarrie is consistently excellent in his support and care of my son, Scott. We are grateful for Clarrie’s understanding and insight. He makes a big difference to Scott’s quality of life.

- Meredith

Mary makes my world so beautiful. She is an outstanding worker who goes above and beyond her standard duty with her smile, positive attitude and kind words. I feel very special to know and have help from Mary. Thank you very much.

- Eva

My Support Worker has been with me faithfully for several years now. I could not manage my business affairs without him. He is always courteous, flexible, punctual and respectful. I am very grateful to CSI for Robbie’s help.

- Colleen

Sam takes me bowling. I meet two people I know who meet me there. I have a meal at the bowling avenue (yum!). Sometimes we watch planes on light nights and go to the shops. I like Sam very much and I feel sad when she is away. All the other workers are very nice too but Sam is the best!

- Anthony

We have an exceptional worker in Hazel, who works very hard to keep Paul safe and happy. Her care of Paul, both in every day transporting and outings, is excellent. She is a very valuable part of our lives.

- Connie

My daughter, Kristen, just loves Coral and Coral has a very special relationship with Kristen. Kristen looks forward to her time with Coral each week and, as Kristen’s mum, I could not want for a more kind; caring, loving, fun person for Kristen to spend time with. Coral is a genuinely kind and caring person who only sees the good in everyone. Coral is a very special person. I wish there were more support people like her around. Thank you.

- Kathy

My name is Karen. I think that CSI is the most wonderful organisation and the best treatment for the mentally ill. I’m sure if I had a CSI worker earlier I wouldn’t have got sick as often. Now I’m pleased to say I’ve been well for three years. Thank you CSI.

- Karen